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My Biography

As a youngster, for as long as I can remember, I had an interest in female domination - particularly dominating the boys at school, which later progressed to men that learned to cower themselves in my presence. I was very strict with men and some of my school friends admitted to being a little scared of me as I was stronger and more dominant with all the boys.

As a teenager I was toned and muscular, which gave me more confidence and strength than the men I crossed paths with. With such a commanding physique, I was very capable of putting any poorly behaved young man firmly in his place should any disagreement occur. I demanded respect, and had a reputation as a firm but fair young lady. Perhaps these were the early signs of my natural progression into a future career in professional domination.

Domination is more than just a profession to me: it&pos; a passion and a love, as well as a career. On my journey, I discovered I was bi-sexual, and enjoyed dominating {or 'being dominant to'} girls and couples just as much I did men. I am lucky that I am in a career that gives fulfilment and happiness that I share with slaves in my charge.

As you can see from my web site, I have a superbly equipped dungeon chambers with a medical treatment room and various facilities. I have a background in the medical field as I studied to become a Nurse, and as such I am first aid trained. I have spent many years collecting fetish gear and implements of torture that you will see decorating the walls and various shelves throughout my chambers in London, designed to titillate and scare slaves that are bound tight in my presence whilst I contemplate their fate during their session. I am constantly adding to my collection of evil delights to use on my subs and slaves, whether that is in the dungeon or in a medical setting as a strict rubber nurse.

As I grew as a dominant woman, I leaned towards fetishes that involved the heavier side, including tight, restrictive bondage, medical play - as a sadistic nurse of your nightmares - with a fetish for all things rubber, latex and leather; but, at the same time, I relish introducing those new to domination to my heavenly lifestyle. Do not be afraid to live your life to the fullest!

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