rubber slave girl looking back from the spanking bench

Doubles/Slave Girl

The Domme in London's slave girl, Phix, is a stunning, cheeky girl with a very dirty mind. She is every bit the elegant slave: posture-trained, and focused entirely on pleasing, and she might fulfil fantasies you never knew you had! Phix is 5'8" without heels, with an addiction to beautiful lingerie and more than a couple of naughty piercings. She likes to be caned, loves to be spanked, and electro-play drives her crazy in the most delightful ways imaginable. She loves being dressed up and doing role play; the more detailed and perverse the game, the happier she is. Phix is a masochist, and loves the pain she receives - she is frequently Miss Mighty's target for her enjoyment of corporal punishment, from spanking, all the way to whips and caning.

Once you have asked Mistress for Phix to join you, you may choose for her to submit to Mistress alongside you, or for her to be dominant towards you, making sure you get into even more trouble with Miss Mighty than you would on your own. Needless to say, both of these offer an unforgettable experience!

Alternatively, you may ask to use and abuse Phix, under the guidance and watchful eye of Miss Mighty's 15 years of experience. Phix does exactly what her dominant tells her, and so this is a fantastic and rare opportunity to enhance your skills playing a dominant role in a professional and very knowledgeable environment.


slave girl with a cane on her ass slave girl spreadeagled ready to be pussy whipped