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Questions frequently asked...

When can I book a session with you?

I answer my phone from 9AM every day. Sessions can be booked by phone or email. I take professional dominatrix appointments Monday to Friday in my London chambers and with weekends with plenty of notice. The first session is at 10AM till late.

Do you do half hour sessions?

No. 1 hour is my minimum.

Do you entertain couples?

Yes, I do.

Is your dungeon and medical rooms air conditioned?


Are Double Domination sessions available?

Double domme sessions are available with my very experienced Dominatrix friends.

Is that really what You look like in your photos? Are they current?

Yes. In fact, many people tell me my photos do not do me justice.

I'm new at this, is BDSM safe?

Yes. Your physical and mental well-being are of the utmost importance to any professional dominant. I understand agreeing to a session with someone you have never met can seem frightening and intimidating, but you really need not worry at all. I provide my telephone number for those that prefer to book by phone, as well as my email address for those who feel shy speaking to a Mistress. After you have made the initial step of having your first session with me, you will be mine.

Will you be submissive to me? Or to me and my girlfriend?

No. I am a professional dominatrix and Mistress.

How do we get started?

If you are interested in a real-time BDSM session then email or phone me to book your session, details are provided on my Contact page

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