Domme In London - Miss Mighty

You have entered a world of BDSM and kinky bondage and are only a few steps away from making your darkest desires into an intense reality with your London dominatrix.

For many slaves, Miss Mighty understands your need to submit and obey. You're searching for someone to take control, be your guide and enforce the rules when necessary. She will use your deepest darkest secrets against you to push your buttons and ensure your total obedience. You will learn to beg, and to endure more for her - and like it. She is your trainer and guide as you explore every aspect of BDSM and fetish. Naturally, everything you do is consensual, and there is always a safe word available for those that require one.

As you can see from her website, she enjoys tight rubber as well as role play, bondage and punishment in its many different forms. As a sadist, Miss Mighty likes to dish out pain as a more traditional dominatrix, which may include verbal domination - whether that's a seductive threatening whisper, or intensely barking her mantra into your soul - as the lashes of her whips rain down on your virgin flesh. You will be seduced into her world of hardship and pleasure, so much that you will never want to leave.

Miss Mighty has over 15 years of experience dealing with submissive men, women and couples. She relishes in introducing those new to female domination to the delights of fetish, carefully exploring individual desires and pushing your limits. For the experienced slave she is more than happy to expand your limits and push you in directions you never thought were possible as your sadistic Mistress. She will leave you in a state of arousal and terror, but always hungry for more attention; harsh or a gentle touch of assurance.

As a Mistress she adores power control, the feeling she gets when she sees you on your knees or bound to her bondage bed or whipping bench, eager to please, begging and pleading for the privilege of being rewarded with a smile. As a slave you only exist to bring happiness to your Mistress, which you will earn inside the soundproof walls of the London chambers, under her strict supervision.

Miss Mighty is available for sessions Monday to Friday of 1 hours or more between 10:30am-5pm. She has some evenings and weekends available for longer pre-arranged appointments. Evening slots have the minimum length of 2.5 hours whilst at weekends sessions of 3 hours or more will be entertained.


Domme in London, Miss Mighty looking down on you Rubber upon and gas mask mistress Latex Mistress whip and pointed toes shoes in her dungeon