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The sadistic medical room at Angel station London

London Medical Fetish Clinic

The London Medical Fetish Clinic is a hygienic environment whose facilities will take you to your darkest medical fetishes and become a reality. Inside the Medical Fetish Clinic all kinds of medical procedures and experiences are performed on willing victims ranging from a reassuring nurse, a skilled surgeon to the more sadistic medical nightmares that fill your fantasies.

Medical Mistress Miss Mighty has an incredibly well-equipped room with the knowledge of how to use it… for your pleasure or on Phix, her prosubmissive (read more below). Submit to a thorough full-body examination/inspection where she will not only check if you are up to standard but perform any medical practices upon you that she likes. As a Medical Mistress, Miss Mighty really enjoys submitting patients to: electro therapy, intrusive inspection, vibration/massage therapy, urethral examinations, rubberisation, needle play, and welcomes creative, respectful fantasies in her North London clinic. Read more about her most popular medical mistress treatments below.

Nurse Phix

Miss Mighty can be assisted by her trainee prosubmissive Phix who will put you at ease before, during and after your medical procedures in the North London clinic. While Medical Mistress prods, probes and pushes you to be the most co-operative of patients, nurse Phix can be on hand serving her Medical Mistress as an assistant nurse. Prosubmissive Phix can monitor your vital signs, perform small procedures, or even be submitted to the same rubberisation/medical stimulation that you receive.

Book your Medical Mistress session

Book a medical mistress session in our Medical Fetish Clinic in North London. Medical Mistress Miss Mighty does not just have a medical room equipped with medical bed, but has serious medical kit including the Venus 2000 milking machine, electro pads and endless medicinal instruments. You can make a booking by contacting her via phone or email. Click on the below button to take you to Miss Mighty's contact page.

Read below to find out more about some of the most popular medical mistress treatments Miss Migthy carries out in her North London Medical Fetish Clinic.

Anal Examination

From probing the anal cavity slowly and carefully for first timers, to a rougher intensity for those who have more experience and desire to feel a deeper sense of penetration. Many of the patients of my stricter, domineering nurse discover that much pleasure can be gained from a humiliating prostate exam.

Brain Washing/Programming

Miss Mighty is fully versed in supplying deep and prolonged psychological treatments, ranging from a mild manipulation of your thoughts, to a prolonged and sustained assault on your consciousness . All of this is of course to help you to make better decisions in the future, and to enforce my mental control over you.

Electro therapy

What clinic is complete without the facility for from gentle to brutal electro therapy? At our North London clinic location, Medical Mistress Miss Mighty will inspect you before treatment, put the patient into bondage to prevent wriggling and resistance, then attach the pads anywhere she likes. Many patients benefit from the sensation of shock therapy to the cock and balls. Electrical probes can be also attached to your nipples, or genitals and probes inserted in your anus, and this can give you a pulsating, tantalizing, sexual treatment experience. Obviously, the intensity can be increased for a more painful, torturous, session, depending upon the agreed treatment plan.

Enema cleansing

An anal cleansing is recommended for patients undergoing further anal treatments, insertions, or suffering with fetal impaction in the colon. Your sadistic nurse, Miss Mighty, has a number of evacuation solutions available, including an enema pump to push out a greater amount of toxins.

Injections/Needle Play

Medical Mistress Miss Mighty has a particular passion for needle artwork and needle play. In the very clean and hygienic North London medical room, Medical Mistress can expertly pierce, decorate, and adorn your skin. You are in very professional hands – let this fantastic Medical Mistress transform your fantasies into a sensational reality.All injection sites are thoroughly cleansed before pricking your skin with my extensive range of needles containing sterile water, as the Nurse tests for your response to her bizarre experimentation.

Intrusive inspection

After a quick external examination, MissMighty, Medical Mistress, will need to inspect you further. In the North London clinic the medical bed is equipped with leather restraints for any patients undergoing deep internal examinations. Let an expert Medical Mistress get deep inside you – all for your own good, of course…

Massage/Vibration Therapy

Every patient can benefit from a soothing massage wand treatment and MissMighty knows it well. This sadistic Medical Mistress can lull you into a state of relaxation… but then she turns it up. As the pressure increases, this Medical Mistress will keep you completely compliant as she puts you through treatments you never knew you needed.. only at our North London medical centre.


As a very experienced Medical Mistress, I love the sensation of my patient fully rubberized. In my North London clinic, I will wrap you in sensational rubber, enjoying the sounds, smells and feel of both of us in latex. I know rubber can provide all sorts of stimulation to the mind and I enjoy it too.

Venus 2000/Milking Torture

Being milked by the Venus 2000 can be initially a pleasurable experience... until you find out that your sadistic rubber nurse won’t let you orgasm quite that easily! A skilled nurse like Miss Mighty can keep you on the very edge for an eternity, as the masturbator mercilessly slides up and down your penis. Of course, you will be thoroughly restrained before receiving your treatment; holding you firmly in place to stop your body thrashing around to the deep, pounding, intensity of the milking torture available in the Swiss Cottage medical facility.

Urethral Play/Examination

With her patient tightly strapped down, Miss Mighty, Medical Mistress par excellence, will often need to make an inspection of your urethral passage. This involves the stretching and expansion of the urethra (pee hole) by the gentle insertion of different sized metal instruments (sounds). They can be inserted deeply into the penis, vibrated, or even electrified, to add to your terror. With sounding devices in sizes ranging from 1mm in thickness to over a cm, Nurse can expertly stretch you out to as big as she needs you to be. Hygienic, safe and totally in control, this Medical Mistress is in here element in her North London clinic.

Water Sports

Rubber Nurse Miss Mighty likes to keep her patients well-hydrated, with her most personally brewed champagne available to those lucky patients that require such delicious treatment.

Other Medical Mistress Interests

  • Controlled breathing
  • Shaving, wax and hair removal
  • Sadistic fear play
  • Piercing (nipple, Prince Albert, guiche)
  • Suction cups, staples and suturing
  • Chastity
  • Full medical examination
  • Fisting

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