The sadistic medical room at Angel station London

Medical - Sadistic Nurse

London Medical Fetish clinic

The Fetish clinic is a hygienic environment whose facilities will take you to your darkest medical fetishes a reality. Inside the Fetish clinic all kinds of medical procedures are performed on willing victims ranging from a reassuring nurse, a skilled surgeon to the more sadistic nightmares that fill your fantasies.

London Medical Fetish Clinic

The Fetish Clinic is a hygienic environment whose facilities will make your darkest medical fetishes a reality. Inside the Fetish Clinic, all kinds of medical procedures and experiences take place involving willing victims, ranging from the sensitive care of a reassuring nurse or a skilled surgeon, to the more sadistic and darker nightmares that fill your fantasies.

Anal Examination

From probing the anal cavity slowly and carefully for first timers, to a rougher intensity for those who have more experience and desire to feel a deeper sense of penetration. Many of the patients of my stricter, domineering nurse discover that much pleasure can be gained from a humiliating prostate exam.

Brain Washing ∧ Programming

Miss Mighty is fully versed in supplying deep and prolonged psychological treatments, ranging from a mild manipulation of your thoughts, to a prolonged and sustained assault on your consciousness . All of this is of course to help you to make better decisions in the future, and to enforce my mental control over you.

Electrical therapy

Electrical probes attached to your nipples, or genitals and probes inserted in your anus, can give you a pulsating, tantalizing, sexual treatment experience. Obviously, the intensity can be increased for a more painful, torturous, session, depending upon the agreed treatment plan.

Enema cleansing

An anal cleansing is recommended for patients undergoing further anal treatments, insertions, or suffering with fetal impaction in the colon. Your sadistic nurse, Miss Mighty, has a number of evacuation solutions available, including an enema pump to push out a greater amount of toxins.

Injections / Needle Play

All injection sites are thoroughly cleansed before pricking your skin with my extensive range of needles containing sterile water, as the nurse tests for your response to her bizarre experimentation.

Venus 2000 / Milking Torture

Being milked by the Venus 2000 can be initially a pleasurable experience... until you find out that your sadistic rubber nurse won’t let you orgasm quite that easily! A skilled nurse like Miss Mighty can keep you on the very edge for an eternity, as the masturbator mercilessly slides up and down your penis. Of course, you will be thoroughly restrained before receiving your treatment; holding you firmly in place to stop your body thrashing around to the deep, pounding, intensity of the milking torture available in the Swiss Cottage medical facility.

Urethral Play

This involves the stretching and expansion of the urethra (pee hole) by the gentle insertion of different sized metal instruments (sounds). They can be inserted deeply into the penis, vibrated, or even electrified, to add to your terror.

Water Sports

Rubber Nurse Miss Mighty likes to keep her patients well-hydrated, with her most personally brewed champagne available to those lucky patients that require such delicious treatment.

Other interests:

  • Controlled breathing
  • Shaving, wax and hair removal
  • Sadistic fear play
  • Piercing (nipple, Prince Albert, guiche)
  • Suction cups, staples and suturing
  • Chastity
  • Sounds
  • Full medical examination
  • Fisting
  • Full rubber medical play


Medical cabinet with all sorts of torture tools Hospital medical bed and frame