Miss Mighty - Mistress & Dominatrix in North London

Spanking Mistress in North London

Spanking Mistress in North London

Corporal Punishment & Spanking

Looking for a good old-fashioned school-spanking? A punishment reminiscent of earlier years? Or do you just want to submit your arse to Spanking Mistress Miss Mighty's hand? This spanking Mistress, operating out her incredibly well-equipped North London dungeon, will be absolutely thrilled to bring you downstairs for some well-deserved corporal punishment.

What makes you want to see a Spanking Mistress?

Spanking is a very popular fetish which Miss Mighty enjoys very much. There are many reasons why people may like it and here are a few... which do you resonate with?

  • Pain play heightens sensations and releases endorphins
  • Spanking falls under the category of "light play," which is generally a more socially acceptable form of kink so people will more readily experiment with it, and find that they like it
  • The slapping sound is pleasurable for some people
  • The heat generated on and against the surface of the skin is also pleasurable for some people
  • The patterns created by an especially hard or long spanking sessions are aesthetically pleasing to some people
  • Spanking can help recreate Headmistress, Office boss & other disciplinarian role-related fantasies
  • Spanking sessions have even been proved as a form of sex therapy, possibly helping some people to reshape, re-experience, and come to terms with memories.

Read below to find out more about some of the most popular spanking implements Miss Migthy uses in her North London Dungeon.

Hand spanking

If it isa little skin-to-skin contact you want from Spanking Mistress Miss Mighty? A hand spanking might be the closest you get. In her North London dungeon there are two spanking benches for Mistress to throw you over, strap you down and distribute some discipline to your bare arse cheeks. Delicate little hands, but this Spanking Mistress spends a lot of time in the gym - whatever she gives to you, she could give out ten times over. Come to her North London dungeon, bend over, and see what you can take.


This Spanking Mistress also has a penchant for giving a paddling. The North London dungeon has paddles in every size, shape and material. Are you after a medieval wooden thud? Or maybe a sharp plastic bite? Let Miss Mighty, Spanking Mistress extraordinaire, utilise her impeccable aim and startling spanking skills on your bare naked arse. Whether you want to be strapped down or strapped up, or even let to stand, this Spanking Mistress will lure you into that special place that only pain can get you to.


Spanking Mistress Miss Mighty is nothing if not an expert with a flogger. In the North London dungeon there are floggers galore - wide, heavy leather floggers, sharp biting suede floggers, chain floggers and more that this Spanking Mistress can discipline you with. Choose to take your flogging over one of the benches in the North London dungeon, in the swing, suspended, strapped to the cross, anything she or yourself desires. Come confess your sins or let Spanking Mistress Miss Mighty flog them out of you!


The selection of canes in Spanking Mistress Miss Mighty's North London dungeon will make your knees weak. From thick, heavy canes to give brutal beatings, to skinny little whippers, this North London dungeon is well equipped to discipline you beyond your wildest dreams - and Spanking Mistress Miss Mighty is only too expert to provide that. With a taste for symmetry, this Spanking Mistress will delightedly cane you, sending tremors through your trembling body. Suspended, bent over or standing, this Spanking Mistress's aim never wavers. Lets hope you earn her mercy...


Miss Mighty is a Spanking Mistress who has a penchant for single-tail whips, as is fitting of a Spanking Mistress from the beautiful country of Hungary. Request a whipping from Miss Mighty who's impeccable aim and graceful handling will leave you breathless - and that's not to mention the sweet sting of the whip. Long or short tailed, whatever it is you are looking for, this Mistress has the training, dedication and strength to keep you right in your place - under her beautiful boots. Call into her North London Dungeon now to book your heavenly whipping.

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