Miss Mighty only engages in activities she enjoys, so rest assured - if you are accepted as her slave, she will be enjoying herself just as much as you will be! If you require inspiration, below are just some of her favourite interests she often explores. She offers consensual professional domination and all aspects of BDSM in her fully equipped air conditioned dungeon.


Miss Mighty is a specialist in bondage in many of its glorious forms, including leather, rubber, rope, shackles, cuffs and chains. You can be tied in all sorts of positions for your Mistress's delight, to give her full restrained access to all your most delicate areas to satisfy her sadistic desires for pain, humiliation and torture.


The chambers at Swiss Cottage is fully equipped for all your suspension fantasies. You can be bound tightly - or not - and hoisted up or hung like a piece of meat and then tenderized accordingly... held there for what will seem like an eternity.

Mental and Physical Domination

Domination can be in your mind, a soft whisper, slow seduction, or the barking of an order, as well as Mistress using her strength and toys to overpower you totally with physical domination. Mistress might also choose to use your body or face as a seat for herself - fully clothed, of course, quite possibly in latex or leather - letting you take in her suffocating aroma of domination. You will breathe only upon instruction, when your owner allows you to take a breath. The question is: just how long can you hold your breath?

Corporal Punishment

Whether you enjoy a nice spanking, or something more severe, Miss Mighty delights in giving deserving punishments with various implements; paddles, crops, canes, whips and floggers are just some of the experiences that await you.

Strap-on and Anal-play

It does not matter whether you are a new or experienced player in the Swiss Cottage dungeon, you will find a variety of equipment that will fit tightly into your bum hole: butt plugs, dildo and strap-ons of all sizes and textures - for the ride of your life! From sensual to the simply outrageous, I await any anal slut who wishes to please Miss Mighty.

Cross Dressing

Visit the Swiss Cottage chambers to discover the woman, sissy, slut, maid or schoolgirl inside you. Consensual or forced feminisation is possible. Depending on your taste learn how to dress, walk and behave like a young lady. You will be taught to apply make-up, undergo the removal of your hair, be trained as a slut and know what it's like to have breasts bouncing in your dress. You will be given a TV name too, if you don't already have one. For the right cross dresser, you can become totally immersed in living as a woman in the safe confines of Miss Mighty's dungeon in London.

Genital Torture (CBT ∧ Nipples)

For those slaves who want to experience the devilish delights of cock and ball torture, and having your nipples toyed with, then you have found Nirvana. My games may range from a simple poke or flick, to forceful ball busting with my big, heavy boots. You can expect clamps, pegs, parachutes and weights as well as bondage and cages. Expect to be tied with your legs open wide, vulnerable to your Mistress and her wicked imagination.

Medical Play

Miss Mighty very much enjoys medical play. Whether she plays the role of sadistic doctor or nasty nurse, you can expect to be taken care of to the highest standards possible. The medical area is kept clinically clean, featuring sterilised and disposable equipment. All procedures (enema, needle play, etc.) are done under very strict conditions and the highest level of care is provided, as with all private clinics.

Rubber Fetish

Mistress has an extensive wardrobe of rubber and latex clothing available for those fetishists out there. As your strict Rubber Mistress, or Rubber Nurse, Miss Mighty will soon have you ensnared by her world of skin tight catsuits, latex gloves and dresses that show off every curve of her sexy femininity.

Leather Fetish

Miss Mighty has one of the finest dungeons in London and is superbly equipped with leather apparel, including body bags, straitjackets, straps, as well as leather furniture. As a dominatrix, I of course own a lot of leather outfits, which will allow me to bring your leather fantasies to life.

Humiliation (verbal and physical)

This could include spitting, face slapping, the forced consumption of liquids, abusive language and verbal insults. Perhaps you have a small penis that needs demeaning, or some other physical feature to be subjected to her cruel unforgiving tongue? Or, otherwise, maybe you like the idea of humiliation scenes involving cross dressing, being treated as a dog, or generally as a hopeless slave: good for nothing, other than to be used by dominant ladies.

Additional Interests:

  • Wrestling
  • Lift-and-Carry
  • Tease and Denial
  • Foot Fetish
  • Body Worship
  • Role Play (school, office, prison etc)
  • Adult Baby Services
  • Financial slavery - My Amazon Wishlist


Miss Mighty, Domme in London Crushing her subs balls Sadistic Rubber Nurses fixing a breathing tube to her patient Rubber Nurse Miss Mighty in a rubber apron Miss Mighty standing over a slave in a red hood on the floor