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Slave girl training North London

Slave girl or double domme session?

The Domme in London's slave girl, Phix, is a stunning, cheeky girl with a very dirty mind. She is every bit the elegant slave: posture-trained, and focused entirely on pleasing, and she might fulfil fantasies you never knew you had! Phix is 5'8" without heels, with an addiction to beautiful lingerie and more than a couple of naughty piercings. She likes to be caned, loves to be spanked, and electro-play drives her crazy in the most delightful ways imaginable. She loves being dressed up and doing role play; the more detailed and perverse the game, the happier she is. Phix is a masochist, and loves the pain she receives - she is frequently Miss Mighty's target for her enjoyment of corporal punishment, from spanking, all the way to whips and caning.

Once you have asked Mistress for Phix to join you, you may choose for her to submit to Mistress alongside you, or for her to be dominant towards you, making sure you get into even more trouble with Miss Mighty than you would on your own. Needless to say, both of these offer an unforgettable experience!

Alternatively, you may ask to use and abuse Phix, under the guidance and watchful eye of Miss Mighty's 18 years of experience. Phix does exactly what her dominant tells her, and so this is a fantastic and rare opportunity to enhance your skills playing a dominant role in a professional and very knowledgeable environment.

Hard Limits/Not available for Phix

  • Face Slapping
  • Poppers
  • Penetration by client
  • Kissing
  • Genital touching

Middle Limits for Phix

  • Middling
  • Touching outside lingerie
  • Client kissing body
  • Caning by client
  • Anal penetration from Mistress
  • Piercings
  • Humiliation from client
  • Watersports - giving
  • Heavy bondage - eg face covering
  • Intoxication
  • Breast worship

What Phix loves

  • Bondage - giving and recieiving
  • Spanking - giving and reciving
  • Nitrogen oxide
  • Bondage
  • Put in cage
  • Electro play
  • Caning - giving, and give & recieve from Mistress
  • Vaginal penetration from mistress (objects)
  • Nipple clamps
  • Stress positions
  • Physical domination by Mistress (rough handling)
  • Suspension - recieiving
  • Role play (any scenario)
  • Needle play
  • Flogging - give and receive
  • Body worship (not inc breasts/genitals)
  • Humilation - giving

When Mistress is away her slavegirl gets to play...

Over the years I have learnt so many skills from the best Mistress n North London, Mistress Mighty, that I am now allowed to play without her there. I will switch and will ONLY play with submissive and switching partners. Our studio is in North London but it is well worth a journey for those travelling from further out.

I have nurtured a wicked little dominant side - I know what it is to love pain and punishment, and I will have a lot of fun putting you in torturous situations..

Role play: we can do medical, school, house staff scenarios with ease. I will be the nurse, teacher or employer, and you can be my unruly inferior. I’ll test your ability, push the boundaries of my power, and punish where I see fit. If you have a scenario of your own, I'll be keen to make that work too. The more elaborate the better!

I enjoy using a number of corporal punishment implements, I like to warm you up, and understand how pain can get you going, both physically and mentally.

  • Bare handed spanking
  • Flogging
  • Riding crops
  • Bondage; ropes, straps, etc
  • Canes; I need practice...
  • Paddles (my favourite to receive)

If you have any more kinks - humiliation, sissifying, worship, object play, adult baby, etc, then I am more than happy to discuss a scenario and either create a session or suggest other options.

Throughout a booking with me, I will be attentive to your needs as much as my own. I can crack a whip or caress with sweet words... you decide. Come to see the results of training from Miss Mighty, Mistress in North London for anything from cheeky to downright depraved bdsm.

Slave Girl Training & Double Domme Session Photos

Slave girl training North London with Miss Mighty

Slave girl training North London with Mistress Miss Mighty