My slave girl

slave girl on her knees

My slave girl is a well-trained absolutely stunning cheeky girl that also has a dirty mind. You can join in with me either to punish her or you can both submit to me together for an unforgettable experience. She does exactly how I instruct her. With her you can play out lots of different naughty scenarios eg school scenarios prison scenes and much more. She can also be dominant towards you and put you in lots of trouble with me.

Phix is an every bit the elegant slave. Posture-trained, and focused entirely on pleasing, she will fulfil fantasies you might never have known you had. She will suffer the wrath of Mistress with you or help inflict it... but she is a masochist and loves the pain she receives. Phix is 5'8 without heels with an addiction to beautiful lingerie and more than a couple of naughty piercings. She likes to be caned, loves to be spanked but electro-play drives her crazy - so make sure she knows her place!

slave girl on the spanking bench

I enjoy corporal punishment, from spanking to whips, to caning. I love being dressed up and doing role play, the more interesting the game the happier I am, willing to play out any scenario that pleases you. My Mistress has fifteen years’ experience and you can join her to use and abuse me for no extra cost, a fantastic and rare opportunity to enhance your skills playing a dominant role in a professional and very knowledgeable environment. My favourite activities when my Mistress is willing to reward good behaviour

London Dominatrix and her slave girl on a chain

I've arranged limits from Hard No which is definitely not, to Hard Yes which is what I definitely enjoy, I hope it makes sense, let me know if there is anything I've missed out


Contact Phix on 07811873507

  • Limits
  • Hard No
  • face slapping
  • poppers
  • large penetration
  • scat

  • Middling No
  • kissing on lips
  • receiving waterspouts (someone pissing on me)
  • vaginal / anal penetration from client (including fingers)

  • Middling Yes
  • touching outside lingerie
  • client kissing body
  • caning by client
  • anal penetration from Mistress
  • piercings
  • physical domination by client (rough handling)
  • giving waterspouts (pissing on someone)
  • role play (age/pet/power play..)
  • humiliation from client

  • Hard Yes
  • spanking from client / Mistress
  • Nitrogen oxide
  • being bound (in leather/rope/anything)
  • put in cage
  • electro play
  • caning by Mistress
  • vaginal penetration from mistress (objects/fingers)
  • nipple clamps
  • stress positions
  • physical domination by Mistress (rough handling)

Get in touch by calling Mistress Mighty to arrange an appointment. Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am – 7pm.